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Since the first ambition I had for publishing was on a platform like this I've listed many efforts over the years. There's nothing to hide. A few I am, if not ashamed of, wary of. "Oh brother, you can do so much better!" But then we are human aren't we. I didn't view poetry as "entertainment" exactly but it has to enact well. That's all I insisted on and I didn't follow any proscribed way

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1975 - 1989

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(New poems to be developed this year...consult old poems and build on the base of what has already been built.)

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The world enters the writer as it will. He has no control over this. It changes every generation. If it comes through the camera, ok. If it comes through the clammering talk of people gathered in cities that's ok. If it comes through readings, fine. If it comes through titanic effects that is ok. It comes through the absorption of perceptions and is the base of everything. How the writer deals with all of this is the thing. I perceive the great and infinite space. Is that the end of everything? Should I now quit every other activity? I don't think so.

And while I am aware of much because of the proliferation of news, information, opinion and so on I am more aware that to know one needs to edit. And the best editing comes from wisdom.

There has to be intention and sacrifice. Pure pleasure is very evident and actively pursued but it ends where it always has. A hard reality where the pleasure is mere fleeting memory it is a pain to reach.

Pick the things you actually respond to. And then treat them with the highest form of spirit possible.

Money and its worship produces a house of cards.

Language has become boring because it hasn't tried to do the impossible. The modern poet is stifled and palms it all off as a necessary artful minimalism.

It is always useful to see "societies" as individuals who occupy their own space and time. They have certain resources and use them for a variety of purposes. The poet sets up very stringest rules of "approval" but when one passes he or she is praised into the farthest galaxies

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