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Since the first ambition I had for publishing was on a platform like this I've listed many efforts over the years. There's nothing to hide. A few I am, if not ashamed of, wary of. "Oh brother, you can do so much better!" But then we are human aren't we. I didn't view poetry as "entertainment" exactly but it has to enact well. That's all I insisted on and I didn't follow any proscribed way


Picturing the Obscure Murder in the Meadow:1857

The Perfect Road

My Ocean


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1975 - 1989


A Love Ditty

The season, ripe for love, waits now for the coming of youth.

They emerge down the side of a hill and disappear, between rocks, to a boat that is slipped on the embankment of a magical stream.

Their families are against them. The mother wails every evening and calls talk shows to complain about "young people today."


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Often I feel I am in a place, a not-place where the twilight is solid and unyielding. I do not make the decision I must make. I refuse to look forward, strain as I do to see.

The unusual process has brought me to this state. I wanted to obey the non-recognizable that is either all truth or all lies, all beauty or all ugliness.

In the face of that...

To put together so that it all meant something, more than, what I had learned or been told. The myth of it. And it was what could be grasped. So, after slow beginnings a clarity emerged.

* * * * * * * *

Bow back as little as possible. I shake my head at times.

"So, this new space? Can you describe it?"

Marginalize the common and fill with richness

* * * * * * * *

What do we do with what we can't know?

We do not give up on what we can't know. We assume we will know at some point in the future because we have a long history of not-knowing transforming into knowing.

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