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Since the first ambition I had for publishing was on a platform like this I've listed many efforts over the years. There's nothing to hide. A few I am, if not ashamed of, wary of. "Oh brother, you can do so much better!" But then we are human aren't we. I didn't view poetry as "entertainment" exactly but it has to enact well. That's all I insisted on and I didn't follow any proscribed way


Picturing the Obscure Murder in the Meadow:1857

The Perfect Road

My Ocean


Maturing Poems

Wine Poems

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1975 - 1989


A Love Ditty

The season, ripe for love, waits now for the coming of youth.

They emerge down the side of a hill and disappear, between rocks, to a boat that is slipped on the embankment of a magical stream.

Their families are against them. The mother wails every evening and calls talk shows to complain about "young people today."


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The passage and the change; the passage and the change. Nothing will be the same at the end of the passage and the change.

Vision is a powerful and liquid thing and cleans all before it.

How come a poet, a despised man if ever there was one, a man who despises well when the situation calls for it, who despises what so many hold dear, and who is hated the more his despising is known, produces such beauty?

In America one listens to many but knows only a very few.

It is a joy, sometimes, to see the disintegration of political ideas.

On one level there are momentous things being done in the public realm. On another the new communication system is gathering steam. Thousands and millions of discrete stories unfold through the old systems carrying new eyes.

We look out into the deepest spaces and still find God. We understand the deepest spaces with mathematics, experimentation, instrumentation, legacies of knowledge but, in the end, it will lead to God and God will move ever so slightly back at the brink of knowing Him.

Nihilism appears a mighty force and prepares to conquer everything in its path. But in the end the nihilist whimpers before the mystery of life and death and vanishes without a trace.

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