by David Eide .

A paradox arises: Humanity has spent so long, has struggled so completely for dominance over nature and yet, in the end, has merely transferred the mountain, the stream, the air, the elements into his own human universe. The beauty in and of nature still exists in its fluidity and purity. What if the beauty of the original power is left behind? What exactly is it that is obtained? Perhaps those qualities that men have always feared in nature: its anonymity, danger, momentum, chaos.

When one inquires about his society he asks himself, "Is this society compelling? Does it inspire the best effort in myself? Does it inspire the garnering of all that potential inherited in the mind, body and heart? Does it inspire wisdom and dream? The fruitful visions and fruitful dream?"

"Does it provide an opening for itself so that it doesn't collapse back into itself? What powers inhibit the growth of individual and community? What occurs to a society when its moral life becomes reactionary? When the moral community can only react to a power greater to it on a whole different scale?

A paradox: The secular world does not recognize God except in the most abstract, useless way. Accepting the fact that God has been displaced by the powers that be- state and corporate-- do these powers recapitulate the effort of God as revealed in the Bible and other sacred texts? And if so, what image of themselves have they revealed?

Is there such a thing as the etherialization of God image?

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The worst thing that could happen would be that the environment, the human universe, turns human life into a dream. This is death. Dream is the death that can recover and return to life but the desire is essentially death. This is evident when the problems of the world overcome an individual. They return to that state in which everything is dream and the great divide between dream and reality slowly dissolves into meaninglessness and craziness.

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