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I advocated "writer web sites," in one issue of Sunoasis X. So here it is, a bit of grain in the well-oiled machinery of things. No. Just a nature humming, singing, dreaming, telling tales of who, what, where, when, how he has tripped along the circumference of the known and unknown worlds.

* * * *

In this space a heart will arise; a mind will be made. Ha! Well, there is nothing more entertaining than the real thing, the real self traipsing on a stage, a no-stage, a weird, multi-dimensional platform like this one, filled with silence and gall.

* * * *

We are for the remaking of the literary system and all it contains. Lacking the power or willfulness to do it ourselves we will occupy our time and space with a bit of freedom and absurdity. And if a suicide bomber stands next to us as we approach the train say good things on our behalf. "He believed in what he was doing and was an earnest guy who wrote a variety of honest things."

It is the writer looking over the first twenty years of his writing life. The people come and go as they please. Failure can be made into a great myth. Perhaps what closes behind us is a Red Sea drowning the pharisees and charitors who hound the lonely writer. Stories to be told, stories to be told. A free man is a bold one. He who owns his own death is free.

Thanks for dropping in. Please tell me how you view the site at david@davideide.com

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The home page contains the newest material for each month. I try to rotate stories, poems, and essays on a frequent basis. The blog or blong as I like to call them will appear in the left-hand column and be updated regularly. I try to stay current on what is going on in the world of the literati and every passing bird inspires some opinion in me, so it goes here.

The story-teller is very much at home in this medium. It is made for the writer! But, it is not easy.

The stories came out of a variety of experiences and stages of development. Many of them were written when I was in my 20's and under various influences. The world appeared absurd in my 20's. Nothing was believable. That provides a bit of backdrop for those stories. I did meet many interesting people up and down the west coast.

Hope you enjoy it!

David Eide

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