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ESSAYS 1999-2000  


These essays were written prior to My Virtual Space in the 1999-2000 period of time, the end of the Clinton Administration, before the election of George W. Bush and 9/11.

Of course politics has gotten worse and two big events have occured, namely 9/11 and the financial failure of '07. I raise a simple insight into the "quality of the democratic citizen." That seemed to me to be bottom-line and I meditated on that question in those years. I was convinced, and still am, that a democracy can't survive if everyone is conditioned to strive for wealth and power. The few who reach that place disconnect from their root and become something else and all the ones who fail become hardened, bitter, even hateful. In other words, types that desperately need "enrichment" but will never get it. It's not that the "people" should ape old aristocracies but that certain intangible values should be there, at the core of them, including tolerance, growth and development, the ability to be enriched by love and art, reasonableness through experience and knowledge and so on. Totally ideal without a question but perhaps an ideal that will be realized in the next epoch after ours is ash.


The Next Tomorrow
The Idea Men
The Condition of the Citizens
Thinking Outloud
And the winner is!
They Fade Sadly in the Splendor of Tomorrow
Each Generation is its' Own Freedom
The Hypothetical Citizen
It's Only a Matter of Time:

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