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Poetry written between 1989 - 1990


A silent conjunction between what one thinks and what has been thought.

The modes of creation- the cultivation of the modes.

What, exactly, do we inherit?

Conjunction over conflict.

When we say, 'we seek the good', what exactly do we mean?'

Man, the mad, the unrelenting pressure.

When the earth is protected the poet has visions of its annihilation; what does this signal in the heart of space?

Will they learn the subtle art of loading and unloading the mind?

It is the science that has not been learned that we need to seek out.

Lost holidays of the spirit are found in the crevice between old buildings where the poor sit on the steps of terrible structures.

The parameter is set by the probes and instruments.

The designs of perception are lifted on the backs of anonymous souls.

When monsters fill us we must laugh at them and tell them that we are coming through.

What oppresses, also liberates.

The day, a holy thing, drives its light through the happy people and passes into eternity.

Can we feel the structure we are passing through?

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