On This Wonderful Spring Day  

By David Eide  
    Oh wonderful vivifying day!
Day that revives lost dreams of youth.
Day that is green with dark secrets.
Day transforming the hills of California,
    Hills we mount to make love
     Hills we mount to survey
      Hills we mount to contemplate

Contemplation! From the shadows of the winter rain.
From the shadow of the cavern where our voice echo's
 for a mile upward through rivulets and moss.

Oh day that arrives with our name on it.
Day that chases the fears, 
day that chases the dead from our hearts.
Waterless gargoyles of stone that have killed the sculptor
No, you will be filled again by the wild rushing stream of our happy dream!
I praise the bridges that carry me to the wide ocean, carrying thoughts of tomorrow 
                              Into the sun.